Annual Events

Annual Schedule ( April 2013 - March 2014 )

  • Creative Origami ~ Akira Yoshizawa's Works of Art ~Creative Origami
    ~ Akira Yoshizawa's Works of Art ~

    March 16 - May 26

    Akira Yoshizawa attained consummate skills and aesthetic perfection in Creative Origami, and is the person who diffused the word "Origami" as an international term.
    His lively works have been very impressive to many people of every generations of all over the world and moved them deeply.
    This exhibition has been intended for meeting to the request of the people who wish to appreciate his works again and as a memorial exhibition of the donation of part of his works from his wife, Mrs.Kiyo Yoshizawa.
    Please enjoy his works by " the hands where God resides ".


    + April 20, Creative Origami Workshop
    + May 3, " Let's Make Kabuto, Japanese Skull for Samurai, by newsprint "
    + May 18, Origami Workshop " Fun with Kids "

  • Washi in Daily LifeWashi in Daily Life

    June 11 - November 24

    Japanese life, it has been with the paper. In Japan for more than a thousand years, handmade paper, washi, has nurtured not only just written letters but a variety of household goods with taking advantage of its flexibility and toughness. Shoji and fusuma (both sliding paper doors) which are indispensable to Japanese-style room and uchiwa (fan) and sensu (folding fan) for the cool, are familiar to our current life, but such applications as kimono, container and water bottle should be surprised for washi made. From our collection, we are pleased to show the exhibits which had been alive in the Japanese life.


    + July 25, Let's Make Papers from Vegetable
    + August 8, Let's Make a Trinket bag from Washi
    + August 15, Let's Study about Papers - Independent Study
    + August 22, Work Shop of Milk Carton
    + October 14, Demonstration of Hand Printing Ukiyoe, Japanese colored woodblock print
    + November 16, Demonstration and Work Shop of Su (bamboo made screen for washi production)

  • Parchment Craft 〜 10 years of Fairies Books 〜Parchment Craft
    〜 10 years of Fairies Books 〜

    December 3 - March 2, 2014

    A decoration technique was born in medieval Europe, as a book decoration of prayers made of parchment, and was established in the 20th century by the development of special paper called parchment paper, as a technique that anyone can enjoy. With watermarks by hole patterns and relieves, greeting cards, framed items and living accessories are made.The instructors at the forefront have issued "Parchment Fairies book" once a year.
    To commemorate 10th book in 2014, the world of parchment craft will be exhibited.


    + December 8, Work Shop " For Christmas "
    + December 23, Work Shop " Preparation for New Year "
    + January 19, Work Shop " Present for Saint Valentine's Day "
    + February 8, Work Shop " 2014 Doll's Festival "

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