Annual Events

Annual Schedule ( April 2014 - March 2015 )

  • KINKARAKAMI Japanese Leather PaperKINKARAKAMI Japanese Leather Paper
    - Takashi Ueda's Works of Art -

    March 15 - June 1

    Kinkarakawakami, Japanese Leather Paper, has the same feel of gold-embossed calfskin wall covering, had a huge hit in Europe and was used for the wall papers of buildings even in Japan during Meiji era, however, gradually started to lose its market and had been forgotten in the middle of Showa era.
    Mr. Takashi Ueda who revived the lost art of the manufacture technique as the name 'KINKARAKAMI', becomes 80 years old in this year. For the celebration of his milestone age, this exhibition has been planned. Please enjoy his wonderful works including his new products.


    + April 12, Museum Talk by Mr. Takashi Ueda
    + April 26, KINKARAKAMI Work Shop
    + May 5, Let's make kabuto, Japanese skull for samurai, with newsprint
    + May 17, Museum Talk by Mr.Takashi Ueda

  • Paper Made ToysPaper Made Toys

    June 21 - August 31

    When you listen to the word "toys", what will you visualize? Kite, Karuta (Japanese playing card), Sugoroku (Japanese backgammon), Paper balloon and Paper doll will be reminded. Paper has been familiar, easily obtained and processed, so that used as toys for many years. Such paper products have been also used for annual events and religious purposes. We will introduce good old and happy paper made toys.


    + July 24, Let's make paper from vegetables
    + July 31, Let's make an aquarium with paper
    + August 7, Let's study about paper - Independent Study
    + August 14, Making good old paper toys
    + August 21, Work shop of milk carton with your parent

  • Traveling Japan guided by Traveling Japan guided by "Paper"

    September 13 - March 1, 2015

    Our first special exhibition of introducing the history and status quo of Japanese paper industries, in particular their various products and also hand made products. In this exhibition, Kanto-Koshin area including each prefecture as Tochigi, Ibaraki, Gunma, Chiba, Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamanashi, Nagano, and Shizuoka will be introduced. In these areas, both paper mills which have been developed as a core industry, and washi products cultivated as traditional industry, will be shown as if you were travelling with each paper information.


    + November 3, Work shop of "Kozo-kashiki (peeling bark of mulberry)" at Ogawa-washi
    + November 24, Demonstration of hand printing Ukiyoe, Japanese colored woodblock print

    Tomonokai (Paper Museum Friends Association) Event

    + October 11, Special Lecture

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