Annual Events

Annual Schedule(April 2015 - March 2016)

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    - Cherry-blossom viewing at Oji -

    March 14 - May 31

    Oji was crowded with people as a resort in the Edo period. Especially, the cherry blossoms were very famous and have been popular. In 1875, a paper making mill started, many paper making related mills were established and as a result, a modern industrial area was formed. Oji became a popular place of a symbolized cultural enlightenment and the appearance of the western style paper mill viewed from Asukayama (Asuka mountain) was said a symbol of Oji. This year is the 140th anniversary of the opening of the mill.
    Please enjoy the co-starting exhibitions with cherry blossom and paper, solely provided by Paper Museum at Oji, where a western paper mill was born.


    + April 18, Museum Talk by a curator 
    + + May 4, Demonstration of hand printing Ukiyoe,(Japanese colored woodblock print)
    + May 5, Let's make Kabuto(Japanese skull for samurai) with newspaper
    + May 17, Museum Talk by a curator
    + May 17, Museum Talk by Mr.Takashi Ohta (paper artist) 

  • 20150613-3.jpgLet's play with paper

    June 13-August 30

    Paper has been used for toys related to folk lives and annual events as easily accessible material. Paper toys can be enjoyable not only as playing toys but as manufacturing material, because paper has many kinds, is readily obtained and is easily cut, folded, pasted, constructed. Many of you have a memory of making or constructing paper toys, which materials were obtained at a candy shop or from magazine appendixes. Paper characteristics and features will be introduced through paper toys of fun idea and sense.


    + July 23, Work shop of milk carton with your parents
    + August 6, Let's make paper from vegetables
    + August 13, Let's study about paper - Independent Study
    + August 20, Making good old paper toys(Zubonbo)

  • Traveling Japan guided by Traveling Japan guided by "Paper"
    - Hokkaido and Touhoku -

    September 12 - February 28, 2016

    Second exhibition introducing the history, status quo of paper, paper industries, various paper products of paper and washi (Japanese paper) from various parts of Japan, focuses on Hokkaido and Touhoku. Hokkaido has been a critical site of Japanese paper manufacturing industry for expanding paper market, because big paper mills have been established for the production of wood pulp since 30s in Meiji Era. In Touhoku, washi products such as Michinoku washi, washi clothings(Kamiko and Shifu) have been crafted, however, recently the crafts became less. Papers of Hokkaido and Touhoku will be exhibited with the information of washi producing area where traditional technology has been kept and supporting paper mills are operating for publishing industry.


    + November 3, Museum Talk by a curator
    + December 5, Museum Talk by a curator
    + January 30, Museum Talk by a curator
    +February11, Hand-Papermaking, Printing for Business Card

  • Tomonokai (Paper Museum Friends Association) Event

    + December 23, Special Lecture

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