Annual Events

Annual Schedule(April 2016 - March 2017)

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    The Beauty of Japanese Woodblock Print
    - he arts of craftsmen living in the present -

    March 12 - June 5

    Woodblock print is the art print by a wooden plate. In the Edo Period, Ukiyoe (Japanese colored woodblock print) was the representative among various woodblock prints for prevailing to common people and now its art value is highly estimated in the world.
    Because Japanese woodblock print has the distinctive beauty and taste by overlaying color and by emerging the shadow of unevenness, it has been acting not only in the field of traditional reprints but also in various new artworks, although the role of its information media was ceased in Meiji Era.
    Shinkichi Numabe, a Surishi (a hand print craftsman), a governmental certified traditional craftsman and an exclusive craftsman of Yoshida Studio Co., Ltd, is cooperating with this exhibition which will introduce new and present-day prints, creative prints, printing processes, traditional artworks and the points of print appreciation.


    + March 21, Demonstration of hand printing Ukiyoe, Japanese colored woodblock print
    + May 3, Demonstration of hand printing Ukiyoe, Japanese colored woodblock print
    + May 5, Let's make kabuto, Japanese skull for samurai, with newsprint
    + June 4, Workshop of hand printing Ukiyoe 

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    Japanese paper toys
    - Sugoroku (Japanese backgammon) & Karuta (Japanese playing cards) -

    June 18-September 4

    Paper is tough and supple, although very thin and light weight. Because its surface is flat and smooth, it is fit for writing characters and printing. Paper is very familiar material, for it is very easy processing and convenient in case of cutting, pasting, folding, rolling and also economical, produced in large amount. These characters have satisfied Japanese paper toys for many years. Among these toys, Sugoroku (Japanese backgammon) and Karuta (Japanese playing cards) will be introduced. We will bring you to the world of both adventure experiences on papers and the knowledge of various papers trough playing with them.


    + July 28, Let's make paper from vegetables
    + August 11, Work shop of milk carton with your parents
    + August 18, Let's study about paper - Independent Study
    + August 25, Let's make Sugoroku (Japanese backgammon) and play with it

  • 20160303-2.jpgTraveling Japan guided by "Paper"
    - Kyusyu and Cyugoku -

    September 17 - March 5, 2017

    The third exhibition introducing the history-status quo of paper, paper industries, various paper products and washi (Japanese paper) from various parts of Japan, is focusing on 13 prefectures of Kyusyu, Okinawa and Cyugoku. In Kyushu, washi was produced at the areas of Karatsu, Yame, Yatsushiro and so forth in the Edo period. In Chugoku, bicchu danshi was famous for the purveyor of imperial court and shogunate since middle ages. Recently sekishu banshi has been a big topic, for it has been recorded as an UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Paper manufacturing industry in Kyushu and Chugoku is known by big paper mills making both pulp and paper, located at their seaboards. We hope you will become familiar with the various papers in Kyushu and Chugoku areas.


    + September 22, Let's enjoy hand-made papermaking
    + October 10, Let's enjoy hand-made papermaking
    + November 3, Demonstration of Ogawa-washi hand-made papermaking
    + December 3, Museum Talk by a curator
    + January 30, Museum Talk by a curator
    +February11, Hand-Papermaking, Printing for Business Card

  • Tomonokai (Paper Museum Friends Association) Event

    + December 23, Special Lecture

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