Annual Events

Annual Schedule(April 2017 - March 2018)

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    Paper Cloth in Japan
    ~The works by Ms. Sadako Sakurai~

    March 18 - June 4

    Paper Cloth is weaved cloth with yarn made by spun thin cut Japanese traditional paper "Washi". In Edo period, Paper Cloth was manufactured in the regions where cotton was precious such as Sanin and Tohoku regions. Especially Paper Cloth in Shiroishi in Date-han was famous products and presented to Shogun. Ms. Sadako Sakurai came to know Paper Cloth in Shiroishi and was struck by the beauty and the capable technology of it. Since then she consumed her passion into the study and manufacturing Paper Cloth for forty years. Her Paper Cloth works are exhibited for the commemoration of her forty year manufacturing and Bei-jyu which is a special event to cerebrate eighty‐eighth birthday in Japan. Also the works by Masaki Kikuchi who is a handmade manufacturer of Nishinouchi Washi, Kazuyo Kajiyama, Kyoko Yamazaki and Naoko Seo are exhibited. We hope you enjoy the beautiful world of Paper Cloth in Japan.


    + April 15, Workshop of Making Paper Yarn
    + May 13, Demonstration of Paper Cloth, Focusing on making Paper Yarn
    + May 5, Let's make kabuto, Japanese skull for samurai, with newsprint

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    Memorial Exhibition of Donated ORIGAMI
    ~The eyes of Akira Yoshizawa who has god in his hands~

    June 17 - September 3

    Akira Yoshizawa, who is a creative Origami manufacturer, attained consummate skills and aesthetic perfection in Japanese Origami, and is known as the person who diffused the word "Origami" as an international term. His lively works, which are hard to believe to be made from a piece of paper, have been very impressive to many people of all over the world and moved them deeply. His art works from his donation, which mainly consist of the exhibited works at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in 1955, will be introduced as the Special Exhibition to commemorate the donation of his works to us.


    + July 1, Workshop of Yoshizawa's Creative Origami
    + July 27, Let's make paper from vegetables
    + August 3, Workshop of Yoshizawa's Creative Origami for children
    + August 10, Workshop of milk carton
    + August 17, Let's study about paper - Independent Study

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    Traveling Japan guided by "Paper"
    - Shikoku -

    September 16, 2017 - March 4, 2018

    The forth exhibition introducing the history-status quo of paper, paper industries, various paper products and Washi (Japanese paper) from various parts of Japan, is focusing on 4 prefectures of Shikoku. Shikoku is the producing area of paper for a long period. Kagawa Prefecture is famous for Danshi in middle ages and Washi made of hemp was manufactured by Kibe family in Tokushima Prefecture. In the early modern period paper manufacturing was encouraged in Tosa clan and Iyo clan. Seven Color paper in Tosa clan and Senkashi made of a paper mulberry became famous in Uwajima in Iyo clan. In the modern period Genta Yoshi improved the paper manufacturing technology and Kochi Prefecture became the kingdom of Washi. In terms of paper made in the Western way, Kochi Prefecture is known as the area of many special function paper mills. We hope that paper in the prefectures such as Kagawa, Tokushima, Kochi and Ehime becomes familiar by this exhibition.


    + October 9, Demonstration of hand printing Ukiyoe, Japanese colored woodblock print
    + November 3, Demonstration of Ogawa-washi hand-made papermaking
    + November 23, Let's enjoy hand-made papermaking
    + December 2, Museum Talk by a curator
    + December 9, Tomonokai (Paper Museum Friends Association) Event, Special Lecture
    + February11, Hand-Papermaking, Printing for Business Card

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