Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition

1st Exhibition Gallery - Modern Paper Industry

1st Exhibition GalleryThis gallery exhibits materials, manufacturing process, products, machines & equipments, etc. of the present-day paper industry. You can also watch video introducing paper manufacturing process in Japanese.

2nd Exhibition Gallery - Learning Room for Paper

2nd Exhibition GalleryThis gallery was renewed in early March,2010 to exhibit paper structure / mechanism and recycling for better complihension by elementary school children. You can also enjoy computer quizzes about paper and special Q & A section.

3rd Exhibition Gallery - History of Paper in the World and 'Washi'

3rd  Exhibition GalleryMajor exhibits are writing materials prior to invention of paper, the birth of paper and its spread, the history and making process of Washi, the world history of hand paper making and others. You can touch and feel some samples of Washi.

Monument Corner

Monument CornerMonuments at the first stage of Japan's paper industry in early Meiji period are exhibited.

Outdoor Garden

Outdoor GardenSome plants for paper materials are planted in the adjacent garden.


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