Welcome to the Paper Museum

The history of paper is age-old and it has contributed greatly to the march of mankind in its many forms.
Focusing on paper, this museum exists to help people trace the past, learn from the present and contemplate the future.

The Paper Museum was opened in 1950 in Horifune, Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo, where the first western style paper manufacturing company was established in 1873. The Museum moved to the current four-story new building in Asukayama Park in 1998.

The Museum has a collection of over 40,000 historic items and approximately 10,000 books relating to paper. These items help preserve and interpret the history and significance of paper in our world. Our exhibitions cover 2,000 years of paper history, traditional Japanese paper called 'Washi', various kinds of modern western style paper, recycled paper and current paper-related environmental matters.

The Museum has a floor space of 2,267 square meters, but we are proud that this Museum is one of the most unique, comprehensive and best paper museums in the world. In addition to our permanent exhibitions, you can enjoy workshops including hand paper making and a special exhibition that changes every two or three months.
We recommend that you allow at least one and a half hours for an enjoyable visit.

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