Special Exhibition: Eiichi Shibusawa and the Modern Paper Industry in Japan 
-The Beginning of Birthplace of Western Paper, Oji –

2021 September 18 (Sat) to November 7 Paper Museum will be closed due to the Emergency Declaration for Coronavirus until further notice. We appriciate for your cooperation and understanding.

Eiichi Shibusawa, who contributed to the modernization of Japan, thought that paper was necessary for the development of Japan after the Meiji Restoration, and established a large-scale western-style paper mill Shoushi-Gaisha in Oji, Tokyo.

After that, various factories opened one after another around Oji, and it rapidly developed as a major industrial area. Since there were many paper-related factories, Oji became to be called “The Birthplace of Western Paper”. It was Shoushi-Gaisha that initiated the development.

In this exhibition, we will follow the hardships and challenges of Eiichi Shibusawa, who played a leading role from the establishment of Shoushi-Gaisha to its management and was active as a leader in the modern paper industry, and traces the footsteps left in Oji, Tokyo.

Shoushi-Gaisha Ground Opening Ceremony

December 16th 1875


Woodblock print “Famous Places of Tokyo through All Ages, Asukayama Park Oji, Seish-Gaisya”

Utagawa HiroshigeⅢ 1883