Special Exhibition: Paper Products that Support Our Living 
– What we can do with paper? –

2021 March 16 (Tue) to August 29 (Sun) Paper Museum will be closed due to the Emergency Declaration for Coronavirus until further notice. We appriciate for your cooperation and understanding.

“Learn the characteristics and possibilities of paper from paper products around us,
and think about what we can do in daily life toward a sustainable society.”

Since its invention, paper has supported human culture, civilization, and history for over 2000 years.
Japan is one of the largest paper manufacturing countries in the world, but the demand for paper has been declining in recent years.
In particular, with the development of information and communication technology, the demand for newspapers and paper for printing and information has been falling sharply, and in the corona disaster that has been continuing since last year, “paperless” is accelerated.

On the other hand, due to the hoarding of toilet paper and tissue paper which we saw last year, the importance of paper products, which are daily necessities, has surfaced again.
In addition, expectations for paper products are increasing in the global trend toward less plastic daily life.

We are surrounded by many paper products, not only in what we usually see, but also in places we cannot see or notice, and we are living a convenient and comfortable life supported by them.
It would be great if the Special Exhibition give us an opportunity to feel the characteristics, versatility, depth, and potential of the paper material, through the paper products around us that we usually don’t care about, and at the same time, to think about what we can do in daily life against the big issue of global environmental problems we are facing today.

Various paper products

Cardboard bed that is supportive in the event of a disaster