Museum Announcement

The museum will extend the scheduled opening of the museum on March 17, 2020 after the renewal closure since last September for the time being to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We will announce further information by our website and SNS

We are deeply sorry for the current situation and appreciate your understanding.

Organization name
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(ex:20190101 13:00 〜 14:00)
Cancellation due to weather
*Reservations cannot be made for the Hand Paper Making Workshop.
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  Teachers    Assistants 
    Pre-school children
    Elementary school students  (Grade: Year )
    Junior high school students 
    Senior high school students 
Total  Of which, no. of persons using wheelchairs 
Tour with explanation/workshop contents *Reservations cannot be made for times between 10:00-14:15 on weekends.
*Please note that certain requests may not be possible to satisfy due to museum management circumstances.
Means of transport   ((no. of vehicles
Request for
preliminary inspection
(ex:20190101 3persons)
*Once your reservation is finalized, up to 2 people can enter free of charge.
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Please note that applications made in English will be finalized by e-mail.