Permanent Exhibits

Paper and Industry

History of Japan’s modern paper industry as well as paper raw materials, production processes, diverse varieties and applications, initiatives in the paper industry, and other information about the Western paper we use daily.

Paper Classroom

Simple introduction, intended for elementary school students, explaining the basics of paper and recycling. Visitors are able to touch various types of paper, test their knowledge on a quiz, and study paper with a hands-on approach.

Washi and Culture

The origin and spread of paper, history and production process of washi, regions still producing washi today, diverse varieties and applications, introduction of washi, which has been essential to Japanese culture since antiquity.



Making Washi

This video is exhibited in “Washi and Culture”
at the Paper Museum located in Tokyo Japan.

TESUKI WASHI TANINO(Saitama Prefecture)




Monument Corner

An exhibition of memorial monuments related to the modern paper industry.

Outdoor Garden

In the garden to the side of the museum, you can see plants that are commonly used as the raw materials of paper.

* The plants will have a different appearance depending on the season.