Washi Cultural Artifacts Collection

The Washi Cultural Artifacts Collection is a collection of material that shows the variety of washi, which has supported Japanese culture from antiquity. The collection can be seen in the entrance (2F) and in the permanent exhibition room on the fourth floor at any time. A portion of the collection is introduced here.

One of the million miniature pagodas which encased the Dharani (Buddhist charms which are one of the world’s first printed paper items), year: 770

The world’s oldest printed item that can be reliably dated.

An Image of Kujaku Myo-o 1990

“World’s largest woodblock print with 1,303 applications of ink.

The original print was submitted to the 1904 St. Louis World Exposition in the U.S and won an honorary gold medal.

This print is a reprint made after 1989.”