Director’s Message

Ever since Paperpaper, which was invented in ancient China, was introduced in Japan in ancient times about 1,400 years ago. Since that time, a unique technique called nagashisuki was developed, using bast fibers from such plants as kozo, mitsumata, and ganpi. Along with the establishment of this technique, pPaper began to be produced throughout the country, and Japan has developed its own culture related to paper.

In the early Meiji period, a paper mill equipped with Western machinery was built in Oji, and the full-scale manufacturing of Western-style paper began in Japan. Since then, the industry has been focusing on environmental issues at the same time as manufacturing and supplying paper.

The museum opened as the Paper Making Memorial Museum in 1950. Since it was renamed the “Paper Museum” (Kami no Hakubutsukan) in 1965, and with the nickname of “Kamihaku”, the museum has long been loved by many locals and visitors.

The year 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the museum. As a museum with the theme of “paper”, something that everyone is familiar with, we continue to exhibit its history, culture, and versatility as a material. Also, we present the sustainable future potential of the paper industry from here in Oji, where Western-style paper was first produced in Japan.