Industrial Heritage Collection

The industrial heritage collection is a collection of items that help us understand the development of the modern paper industry, or modernization of the modern paper industry. There are machines on the second floor and memorial monuments on the first floor that are on permanent display so they can be viewed at any time. Here, we introduce a few of them.

Rag Digester

A boiler used to make pulp (a collection of fiber) from cotton rags and such, which were the main material for paper in the early Meiji period.
This exhibit item is quite valuable.

Model of the World's First Papermaking Machine

This is a 1/27th scale model of the machine invented by the Frenchman Louis Roberts in 1798. This is the original form of the Fourdrinier papermaking machines widely used today.

Gate of Papierfabrik

The Papierfabrik Factory opened its doors in 1876 as a paper mill run by the Kyoto municipal government. This is the Mill’s front gate and it was used until 1945.